Graduate Students

Ph.D Students

Ph.D. Present:

Peter Flood

Nicole Strickland

Alan Mock

Marco Fernandez

Hyo Won Lee

Trexler lab June 26 2015

Former Ph.D, students:

Donna Molfetto: Ph.D. awarded 2020: Population dynamics of an avian apex predator across an urban gradient. AmeriCorps, Atlanta, GA

John Gatto: Ph.D. awarded 2019. Controls of recruitment and population dynamics of Everglades fishes. Current: Post-doc, Illinois Natural History Survey, Alton, IL.

Jessica Sanchez Montelongo: Ph.D. awarded 2018. The Adaptive Evolution of Herbivory in Freshwater Systems.  Current: Editorial Assistant, Oecologia

Mike Bush: Ph.D. awarded 2017. Fish responses to flow and canal modification in the DECOMP Physical Model. Current: Communications and Engagement Coordinator,  Audubon Dakota, Fargo, North Dakota

Elizabeth Harrison: Ph.D. awarded 2014. Evaluating invasion biology of Mayan cichlids in South Florida.Current: Assistant Professor, Georgia Gwinnett College

Clifton Ruehl: Ph.D. awarded 2010. Factors controlling snail density in an oligotrophic sub-tropical wetland. Current: Associate Professor, Columbus State University

Shawn Liston Clem: Ph.D. awarded 2004. Dissertation title, Defining the role of floating periphyton mats in shaping food-web dynamics in the Florida Everglades. EPA-STAR Fellowship awardee. Current: Research Manager, Audubon Florida Western Everglades Research Center, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Naples.

William Loftus: Ph.D. awarded 2000. Dissertation title, “Bioaccumulation of Hg in Everglade food webs.” Current: Research Scientist, USGS, retired (!)

Tom Turner: Ph.D. awarded 1997. Dissertation title, “A comparative study of life history and gene flow in darters (Pisces: Percidae). Current: Professor, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque and Program Officer, National Science Foundation

Michael Schirripa: Ph.D. awarded 1997. Dissertation title, “Evaluation of growth rate estimation from fish otoliths using a striped bass bioenergetics model.” Current: Stock Assessment Scientist, NOAA-NMFS, Miami, FL

 M.S. Students

Former M.S. students:

Kelly Brown: M.S. awarded 4/2019. Evaluation of space-for-time substitution in the Everglades. Current: High School teacher.

Alex Ontkos, M.S. awarded 12/2018. Habitat selection by Largemouth Bass, Florida Gar, and Bowfin in the Everglades. Current: Senior Technician, Florida Marine Research Institute

Sarah Bornhoeft, M.S. awarded 8/2016. Influence of experimental sheet flow on aquatic food webs of the central Everglades. Current: Staff Scientist, SFWMD.

Ann Hijuelos: M.S. awarded 2012. Spatial and temporal patterns in the distribution, behavior, and activity of fishes in canals of the Everglades. Current: Ecologist, USGS Wetland and Aquatic Research Center, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Robin Abbey-Lee: M.S. awarded 2012. Relative Role of Dispersal Dynamics and Competition in Niche Breadth. Ph.D. International Max Planck Research School for Organismal Biology. Current: Post-doc

Raul Urgelles: M. S. awarded 2009. Dragonfly assemblage structure in freshwater wetlands of the Florida Everglades. Current: Biological Scientist, National Park Service, Everglades National Park.

Adam Obaza: M. S. awarded 2009: Estimating speed of dispersal in small wetland fishes. Current: Scientist, Ocean Associates, Long Beach, CA

David Green: M.S. awarded 2008. Fish community structure in the Everglades oligohaline zone revealed by delta13C and delta15N stable isotope analyses.Current: Lecturer, University of Miami, FL

Chuck Goss: M.S. awarded 2006: Fish colonization of temporary wetlands in the context of the Everglades landscape.  Ph.D. candidate, Ohio State University; Current: Statistical Consultant, Washington University, St. Louis

Shawna Baker: M.S. awarded 2004: Effects of hydroperiod on life-history parameters of Lucania goodei (Fundulidae) in the Florida Everglades. Current: Texas Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Jade Williams: M.S. awarded, 2004: Effect of productivity and hydroperiod on food-chain length in the Everglades. EPA-STAR Fellowship awardee; Current: Biologist, Environmental Consulting Firm

Lawrence Lopez: M.S. awarded 2004: Seed predation and seedling herbivory by rodents and leaf-cutter ants on land-bridge islands. Current: Biologist, Florida International University

Timothy Konnert: M.S. awarded 2002, The effects of hydroperiod on the life history parameters of Poecilia latipinna and Heterandria formosa (Poeciliidae) in the Florida Everglades. Current: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Washington D.C.

Kyoko Nakamura: M.S. awarded 2001: Thesis title: “Isolation and characterization of nuclear microsatellite markers in the sailfin molly, Poecilia latipinna.” Current: technician in molecular laboratory, USDA

Robert Kobza: M.S. awarded 2001: Thesis title: “Refuge use and colonization by fishes in a karst landscape.” Current: Biologist, City of Boulder, Colorado

Xavier Pagan: M. S. awarded 2000: Thesis title: “Ecology of centrarchid nest predation in relation to hydrology.” Current: Biological Scientist, FL Dept of Transportation

Pamela Geddes: M.S. awarded 1999: Thesis title: “Omnivory and periphyton mats: uncoupling and quantifying consumer effects in the Florida Everglades.” Current: Associate Professor, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago

Adrian Jelenzsky: M.S. awarded 1999: Thesis title: “Life history variation in the eastern mosquitofish from nutrient gradients in the Florida Everglades.” Current: Junior High School Teacher

Ryan Taylor: M.S. awarded 1999: Thesis title: “The effects of competition and age-structured predation in an Everglades fish community.” PhD University of Louisiana, Lafayette, Current: Associate Professor, Salisbury University, MD

Kenneth Howard: M.S. awarded 1995: Thesis title, “Seasonal dynamics of fishes in artifical culvert pools in the C-111 basin, Dade County, Florida.” Current: Environmental Analyst, Loxahatchee River Water Management District, FL

Dana Neff: M.S. awarded 1994: Thesis title, “Fat storage fluctuations as a function of seasonality and reproduction in sailfin mollies, Poecilia latipinna (Pisces: Poecilidae), in southern Florida.” Current: High School Teacher

Andrea Dinep: M.S. awarded 1991: Univ. of MS, thesis title, “Variation among populations in the pattern of multiple paternity in sailfin mollies, Poecilia latipinna.” Current: Homemaker.

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